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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live at the bay bridge. winter has arrived. it is wet out here. our first time to see rain in more than a month and more is on the way. >> golden gate bridge right now quiet. that won't be the case rain is on the way one punch today and another during the game sunday. >> following your friday morning commute. expected to be busy. san mateo bridge cal tran sign says high wind advisory. protest downtown san francisco and a lot going on.
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that protest you are talking about is the occupy movement. they say they are going to be taking over buildings, going to be mass demonstrations and civil disobedience. one thing they've never done before is a squid fry. i'll explain that coming up in a live report. we'll have to explain that. squid fry reference. 5:01 on this friday morning with a lot going on i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. the first thing we want to focus on is meteorologist mike nicco's radar. >> what are you seeing? >> >> good morning live doppler, i see -- radar returns starting in the marin headlands down the peninsula where we will find any rain right now. there's a lot of drizzle and moisture hanging around. we will find fog during the morning commute. this is sliding in from the west. you can see right the left of the screen some of the heavier, steadier rain moving in during the latter parts of the
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morning into the afternoon. right now impressive radar returns around santa cruz mountains and monterey bay. north more rain and a little snow in the sierra. the lull between the storms that mike was telling us about might be a good time to prepare for the next wave. making sure tires are properly inflated for those slick roads. maybe checking win shield wipers for signs of wear. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll with more. those are some of the mundane things you can do to prepare. that next storm is on the way >> reporter: yeah, those mundane thins make a big difference. we are here at the bridge -- monitoring the situation we are on a break now, no wind, no rain. they still pwaoepblt to be careful the roads are wet for the first time in more than a month. this is a nice break because we have a big one coming.
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yesterday's storm was a nice reminder that it is winter it just hasn't looked like it. minor showing of rain but first since mid december so notable here in our area. water districts are celebrating and measuring every drop. the water levels in the reservoirs nowhere near where officials would like them to be. >> we are getting to the point where we are -- it is looking like it is going to be hard to have an average or normal rain year with the slow start we've had. >> reporter: the rain was a nice dress rehearsal. more is to come. they are expecting twice as much rain tonight than we just saw in this last wave. it should roll in around 6:00 tonight or early evening. rain will be falling on sunday's big game. it is going to be a wet weekend. this last wave of weather did not create major problems that we have found. preps are an important part of
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keeping that it way. officials are encouraging people to clean out gutters, check tires, san francisco is offering sandbags for people who are concerned. get ready, because more is coming. next week it does look like it is going to be dry again. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the rain is going to make a mess of the commute into san francisco later today. add to that the occupy demonstrations. activists hoping to disrupt business in the financial district. terry mcsweeney is live at the former b of a building who is being targets? >> reporter: goldman sachs has offs on the 45th floor that is why today's demonstrations are going to be all over san francisco, they are going to begin and end right here. they begin one hour from right now with a squid fry. take a look at video from last october, what these occupiers did in front of a wells fargo
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building. request squid fry is a reference to an article calling saks a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. thus the squid fry which we are told starts at 6:00 this morning. protests go on 8:00 this morning down the street at california and montgomery at noon california and concern any, also at noon 9th district court of appeals on 7th and market protesting a supreme court ruling saying the corporation and individuals are the same when it comes to contributing to political campaigns 4:30 labor protest at hyatt hotels for striking workers there. 5:00 a march from justin herman plaza where occupy san francisco had tents sent up before being removed by police. they are going to be starting to march there and coming back here to where it begins at goldman sachs. they are protesting predatory leaning evictions, environmental angle, labor groups, community groups
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banding together for what they say is going to be a massive protest that is going to intentionally tie things up here in the financial district and other areas of san francisco. again, that squid fry is scheduled to begin at 6:00 this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:06 as you can see there. next month the oakland city council will consider a plan that would call on list to do more to prevent any future occupy protests at the port. last night city council members pushed the resolution through a committee. it directs the mayor to use more aggressive pleasure measures to prevent a future shutdown. protests in november and december cost the port several million dollars. last month there was a delay on the plan because -- the meeting included an hour's worth of speeches by occupy
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oakland protesters. in may war the woman accused of nurse -- accused of murdering michelle le is scheduled back in court. prosecutors say she was jealous le dated her former boyfriend. le's body was found in september. 10 days after police arrested esteban. esteban's plea hearing has been delayed several times, she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby buy, while in custody. in contra costa county a prosecutor says police have identified three more kids who a they were molested by a school district custodian. 44-year-old john astor is charged with molesting five young boys. officials are not saying if he knew any of the latest victims through working at schools. police say he did not meet the first two victims from his work. he was realized last month. yesterday astor pleaded not guilty to 20 counts of felony child molestation.
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sheriff ross mirkarimi has been ordered to stay away from his family, wife and child, until his trial is over. he's due back in court monday. mirkarimi pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges at his arraignment yesterday. it was an emotional hearing. the judge rejected his request to lift the protective order that keeps him away from his family. his wife eliana lopez emphatically denied anything happened. the judge cited a video showing lopez bruised and upset as the basis for continuing that protective order. antioch police released a photo of a man who tried to rob a wells fargo branch mid 20s, 5'7, some facial hair wearing a black sweatshirt, sweat pants and sunglasses. the would be robber ran without money when a teller alerted others. officers tried to stop him he got away by jumping over fences. 49er fever skyrocketing, so are prices for tickets.
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seats for the game range from $400 to $2400 and up. with high prices come warnings of potential fraud. >> just beware with tickets. the better business bureau advises fans when they are seeking tickets to be aware. >> one of the positive results of 9er fever is the increase in local business. the -- the market in the south bay enjoyed 30% increase in sales since the 9ers reached the playoffs. mike has been keeping track of our weather. he is also looking ahead to the game. >> [ unintelligible ] radar returns down the peninsula moving east-northeast watch out san mateo bridge, dunbarton, sfo to san leandro, oakland and berkably to if get wet with mill valley and kent
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field and also looks like tiburon and sausalito. mid to upper 40s inland low to mid 50s bay shore to the coast it is very mile. next system impressive, look at all the deep white or the brighter white i should say that is the heavier rain coming with the system two punches warm front early afternoon cold front during the evening that's why all of us will deal with rain today upper 50s to near 60 in many areas 56 richmond one of the cool spots. tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning should be dry, rain returns just in time for the game which starts at 3:30 sunday afternoon. rain ends monday morning and look at the warm, dry spell for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. good morning. busy morning with slick roads, a lot going on. give yourself time if you are getting out of house to go anywhere around the bay area. now to saratoga southbound
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highway 9 accident still blocking lane. downtown san francisco this morning they are expecting the occupy san francisco protests to take place heart of the financial district montgomery at california and san francisco police asking to you lease avoid this area if possible. -- to please avoid this area if possible. heavy rains in marin flooding low-lying portion of northbound 101, typical sir francis drake boulevard especially when the tides are right, two lanes flooded there drivers are hydroplaning through. northbound 880, car vs. bike on-ramp blocking a couple of lanes. live look golden gate bridge southbound slick but light. >> sue hall, thank you. >> new questions the acts of the crew of a capsized cruise ship. the confusing distress calls as the vessel went down. the influence the location
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of your polling place could have on your vote. a little angel heading home, stunning story of survival or one of the world's tinyiest babies.
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can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. in italy a cook aboard the costa concordia now claim the captain ordered dinner for himself and a young woman after the shipwreck. 25-year-old woman is defending
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the captain. she claims he helped save 3,000 lives by steering the ship closer to land. that contradicts reports from eyewitnesses who said the captain got off the ship hours before most escaped. adding to the confusion, new audio tapes in which an officer is heard saying the ship is only experiencing a blackout. [ speaking italian ] [ screaming ] >> that conversation took place 40 minutes after the ship ran aground. 11 people are confirmed dead. 21 still missing. >> new study finds where you vote could affect how you vote. according to researchers people responded with more conservative views on gun laws, death penalty and climate change if a church was near by bear in mind, the church is
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one of the most common polling places. researchers say the study adds to the growing evidence that polling locations may influence voting. in 2008, a study found people were more likely to support a tax hike for education spending if they voted at a school. airline officials are urging you to call ahead first if you are plan fog fly into or out of seattle today. alas -- planning to fly into or out of seattle today. operating 60% of daily 120 departures out of seattle, because of stormy weather in the pacific northwest. dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed at sea-tac airport yesterday because of snow and icy conditions on the runways. one of the world's smallest surviving babies heading home for the first time. she tipped the scales at 9 1/2 ounces, not pounds, ounces at birth will be discharged from a los angeles hospital today.
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melinda was born 24 weeks premature in august, officially listed as the world's third smallest baby. doctors say she is a fighter and now weighs 4 1/2 pounds. >> amazing technology that can keep them alive now. >> 5:17. meteorologist mike nicco checking the radar. >> rain is on the way second storm coming probably after you get to work or school this morning. heading out to lunch or driving back home that's a different story. good morning. here's a look from our roof cam down at the embarcadero you can see residual miss tour left on the lens from the rain that came through -- moisture left on the lens from the rain that came last night. wall of water getting ready to move in. pockets of light rain for your morning commute even some fog at times. rainfall a.m.s from yesterday mill valley nearly two inches, -- an inch in santa rosa, 10th of an inch in concord, to the south, rainfall amounts tapered
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only 4/100 in san jose. mid to upper 40s north bay and east bay valleys, bay shore, south bay to the coast low to mid 50s. low 50s monterey bay. 46 gilroy. afternoon and evening rain one-two punch. last storm sunday. dry and warmer next week. today we may hit 60 in palo alto, san jose and livermore everybody else mid to upper 50s. widespread rain everywhere inland temperatures low 60s. the rain will be more showery tonight, 39 clear lake to 50 half moon bay. as far as satellite and radar yesterday's system fell apart and moved away, nice swath of bright white moisture laden clouds moving in first the warm front then the cold
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front. sunday doesn't look as wet now nor as windy. 7:00 in the morning just scattered showers moisture moving in 11:00 to lunch, steadier rain over spreading all of our neighborhoods heavy around 5:00, 6:00 in the north bay for all of us during the evening as cold front pushes through showers overnight watch as they disappear tomorrow afternoon may see a little sunshine sunday morning clouds roll back, a little fog even light rain early sunday morning in the north bay as we get to noon and through 3:00, heavier rain moving through the rain will taper wait looks now, very light rain -- the way it looks now, very light rain, definitely wet at the beginning. half inch to an inch in the south bay, 3/4 to an inch and a half around the bay one to two more inches in the north bay. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, low to mid 60s sunshine just
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about everywhere. have a great weekend. we go back to saratoga accident still blocking lanes southbound highway 9 at sanborn slowing there to san francisco we'll hop all over the place a lot going on. protests occupy san francisco downtown financial district montgomery at california police are asking to please avoid the area. flooding 101 sir francis drake beautiful northbound 101 to the hayward air llewellyn, san leandro excuse me, pardon me this is to san mateo westbound 92, right at 35, accident blocking lanes there as well. here the llewellyn accident, a car vs. a bike. on-ramp northbound 880 slowing thins in that area as well. live look at walnut creek, light traffic headed southbound on 680, going past north main headed to 24 into
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the san ramon valley, no problems. now 5:20 >> not just the mayors, everybody wants a piece of the action. two popular breweries make a bet on the outcome of the game. what they are putting on the line. iran yanks the welcome mat from one of the world's most popular toys. bad sleeping habits that could add pounds to your waistline. are losing money. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson.
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failing to get enough sleep at night could be sabotaging your diet. that's the conclusion of a new small study swedish researchers looked at a dozen men over two nights. they found the men tended to be hungrier after getting no sleep. researchers say the findings show lack of sleep could be leading us to eat more when we don't need to barbie stirring up new controversy this time in iran. police have closed down dozens of toy shops in tehran that sold the iconic american doll. the stated aim to stop western influence. iran last enacted a barbie ban in the mid 90s to fight what they called a cultural invasion. many young iranians still embrace western books, movies, music, haircuts and shone. we call it the battle of the breweries san francisco anchor company and new york's brooklyn brewery have made a bet teen the 49ers and the giants. if the 9ers lose the anchor --
5:25 am
brewery will have to pour brooklyn beer to customers while wearing giants' jerseys. when the 9ers win, brooklyn will have to pour anchor beer and wear 9ers jerseys. the mayors, san francisco sour bow vs. new york bagels. >> isn't there the element of us decorating a -- tell dell >> i wouldn't worry about any of that. >> round one gave us a taste what is to come. now a second more powerful storm is knocking on the bay area's doorstep. live team coverage. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco the occupy movement is vowing today to stage massive protests, civil disobedience and a squid fry. i'll tell you where, when and what that's about. wildfire in reno flames spread quickly and forced
5:26 am
thousands to evacuate. next, the manpower the bay area is providing to battle that blaze. if you are traveling temperatures getting cold across the great lakes into new england. low to mid 30s boston and new york head topping the south 60 atlanta, 78 dallas upper 40s seattle and portland some flights are cancelled or will be delayed to that area. baltimore having flight departure delays. phoenix having flight arrival delays. any time you travel use our flight tracker, at the bottom.
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. the occupy movement is back. today they are vowing mass protests, civil disobedience and taking over buildings. maybe you've heard that before. i bet you haven't heard about the occu-fry.
5:29 am
i'll tell you about it in a live report. >> reporter: i'm on storm watch. wind picking up, drizzling out here. we'll have the latest on what is happening now. what we just experienced. and what is still to come. good morning i'm mike nicco. scattered this morning the light rain and drizzle, more prevalent in the afternoon and evening. looks like it is still going to be wet for the game. update coming your way. >> i'm sue hall following your damp commute. san mateo bridge cal tran sign issuing high wind advisory flurry of activity on the roads that in a few minutes. 5:29 on this friday morning. she said damp on this friday. wanted to make sure you understand -- you understood what she said. >> can't say the same for the skies still cloudy and round two coming. let's check in with mike.
5:30 am
good morning. live doppler showing the best rain behind me on the left that going to increase as we head right after the morning rush hour. right now east bay where we have the best radar returns off the dunbarton, bay bridge or heading to the east along the san mateo bridge even the sunol grade where some of the better rain or radar returns are now. one-two punch out of this storm the first late morning early afternoon another one for the evening. be prepared this is the bigger of the two storms. as you heard sue mention, bay area freeways are littered with small accidents this morning. slick roads left from round one of our storms. the more powerful round two will hit us for the evening commute. drivers and homeowners are taking precautions. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll. >> reporter: it is drizzley now. this started in the last few minutes. the wind is picking up.
5:31 am
it is feeling miserable. we like to check in to see if there are wind advisories or standing water, we are not seeing that. this does seem to be a good break between the storms. the warning is in place that these roads can be slick since they haven't been rinsed off in a while. this storm we just experienced represents the start of winter for us. it was long overdue it want a major downpour but was enough to help us get ready for tonight that's when we'll see maybe double than what we just saw. good news for local water districts. officials say the water levels are not looking good. >> we are glad that it looks like winter finally beginning. we have a lot of catching up to do we are expecting the first part of the storm will saturate the ground. we are not expecting with it would produce a lot of runoff into our reservoirs because the ground is so dry >> reporter: it is a little
5:32 am
drizzley now. this is kind of the break teen two storms. a good time to do last minute prep. that could be cleaning out gutters to prevent any flooding. to digging out rain boots because tonight is supposed to be raining pretty good, heavy probably starting around 6:00. they are expecting it to roll in, in the early evening, maybe when you are headed home from work this afternoon or early evening. i checked in at the national weather service and the woman i spoke with swayed, tonight might be a good friday night to stay home. -- i spoke with said, tonight might be a good friday night to stay home. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. storm is bringing us rain and much needed snow in the sierra. take a look at caltrans traffic cameras light dusting of snow near i-80 near soda springs take your chains restrictions are in effect. welcome news for ski resorts that had so little so far and had to make a lot of their
5:33 am
own. if you work in san francisco's financial district you may want to think about working from home today. after being quiet for a while occupy san francisco is planning a huge protest in the city. starting in less than an hour. police are warning about the impact on traffic. terry mcsweeney is live at the starting point on california street. >> reporter: occupy san francisco is working under an umbrella organization this time called occupy wall stretch west. they are promising massive protests, building take overs and civil disobedience all over san francisco it going to start in half an hour they tell us in front of the former bank of america corporate headquarters, goldman sachs has offices on the 45th floor that's why they are targeting this building. it is going to start with a squid fry. take a look at pictures of what the occupy movement has done in the past in san francisco this is from last october at a wells fargo bank. the point of the skid fry, a
5:34 am
reference to an article in "rolling stone" magazine, calling sachs a vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. 8:00 this morning a protest at california and montgomery down the street at noon california and concern any 9th district court of appeals on 7th and market protesting the supreme court ruling saying corporations and have the same rights when it come to contributing to political campaigns. 4:30 labor protest at hyatt in san francisco, labor issue. 5:00 from justin herman plaza where the tents were set up for occupy san francisco for those months last year from there back to here. they are protesting corporate greed, for closures, evictions, et cetera. it going to begin and end here. as of right now as i stand here, no sign of any squid, no chef and nobody except a couple of security guards. we'll keep you posted.
5:35 am
terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:34. this morning dozens of occupy cal demonstrators are continuing their marathon protests in a library. the anthropology department's chairman made arranges the university chance lore to allow the occupiers to stay until today. students are protesting the cuts that present the library for being open more than five hours a day. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is due back in court monday to set a trial date. mirkarimi pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence charges at his arraign yesterday. the judge rejected his emotional plea that a protective order that keeps him from his family be lifted. his wife eliana lopez consistently denies anything happened. >> i feel like i am a ball
5:36 am
[ unintelligible ] in a political game. >> the bottom line of this is, mr. mirkarimi did not commit domestic violence. he did not endanger his child. and he did not try to dissuade his wife from talking to the police or anybody else. >> the judge cited a video showing lopez bruised and upset as the basis for continuing the protective order until this trial is over. a car that ended up stuck in a san francisco muni tunnel yesterday morning is out. crews removed it early this morning. a driver went into that tunnel at church and duboce yesterday morning and didn't stop until his suv got stuck. pardon me the accident disrupted j÷ subway service for several hours. the vehicle damaged a switch which crews repaired overnight. the vehicle's driver was arrested on dui charges. he's identified as 40-year-old scott mitchell. fire officials say they've
5:37 am
stopped the forward progress of a destructive brushfire south of reno that has destroyed more than 20 homes and forced the evacuation of 10,000 people. the blaze burned through 3700 acres or nearly six square miles it runned yesterday morning with 80 mile an hour winds fanning the fire. crews were able to stop the wall of glimpse before it reached the high school where vice president biden had his appearance cut short. the fire was visible from reno's downtowna6ç casino district, 10 miles away. crews expect to work through the weekend to get the fire fully contained. not too far away in the sierra, so excited to get snow. driving up there could be tricky. >> let's find out more. chain restrictions in effect in some spots. likes like the winter storm is going now it will pick up during the evening. if you are trying to leave work early today and get up there, that's the best advice. once the sunsets that snow is
5:38 am
going to lower, stick faster and cause more problems. back at home, whipple road rain there making the connection from the castro valley area into hayward or san leandro 880 or 580, 680 all that area in the sunol grade all wet moving into san francisco, down to pacifica and up towards inverness and bodega bay is our next push of heavier rain. visibilities less than two miles around fairfield, concord, novato and santa rosa. right now temperatures from six degrees warmer in san francisco, santa rosa to 10 to 20° warmer everywhere else that puts us in the 50s, 40s inland, 50s around the bay shore, notice the rain getting more prevent by 8:00 after the morning rush i think the rain starts to move in hangs around through the afternoon and evening hours and then another chance of rain during the game sunday lasting through monday morning. sue with traffic.
5:39 am
busy out there. we go back to saratoga accident blocking southbound 9, sa inborn slowing things headed from the saratoga area towards los gatos. problems elsewhere around the bay, 80 and truckee, we don't have the live i know eric has been reporting restrictions. right now i don't see any chain requirements on 80 or 50. my director is telling me we do our 80, 80 at truckee you can see snow and headlights, no delays at this time. they are screening trucks in applegate. you might find delays as you head through the auburn area. we are bracing for a protest this morning, occupy san francisco downtown financial district, they are asking that you an very the area. i have our waze application, community-based free application enjoying fellow drivers by participating which little confusion.
5:40 am
right now we don't show any problems in downtown san francisco coming off of the bay bridge or city streets. we'll follow that for you. 5:39. >> another popular website off-line this morning again over the anti-piracy bill. this time it is federal prosecutors who take down one of the world's largest file sites. the actions some of the most powerful mayors are taking today in support of same-sex marriage.
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the drier of a uc san francisco -- the driver of a uc san francisco shuttle bus has been charged with vehicular manslaughter for running a red light and caused a crash that killed a doctor. 64-year-old wallace richardson was the driver of the shuttle that ran into a big rig july 14th. witnesses say richardson was distracted by having a conversation about dr. mack who was thrown from the shuttle. seat belts are not required on shuttle buses officials say they would install them in the wake of mack's death. federal government has shutdown one of the world's largest file sharing sites prosecutors accuse the founder of violating internet piracy laws. federal indictment claims copyright holders lost more
5:44 am
than $500 in revenue because of pirated films. the company claims it has been diligent in responding to complaints. a big endorsement of gay marriage coming today at the u.s. conference of mayors in washington, d.c.. the mayors of more than 70 cities will join storieses to support same-sex marriage including los angeles, new york, houston, boston and san diego. the mayor's group will work with advocates ék to overturn the federal defense of act. 5:44. advertisers planning on getting racier at this year's super bowl. more on that coming up in the bloomberg business report. >> reporter: the first fight of last night's gop presidential debate was about the first question. eventually candidates did get to the issues. highlights, coming up. buyer beware. the bay area delicacy that is now going to cost you an arm and eight legs and a claw.
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♪ check out live doppler, rain in the valley and mountain snow that does include part of the seer an shasta mountain had -- --
5:48 am
warm spot low 60s to mid 60s san diego and los angeles mostly cloudy 73° in palm springs. winter storm warning continues for the western slope into tahoe. if you are trying to get there, get there during the daylight hours today. 5:48. newt gingrich is getting a push in the polls with the south carolina primary day day away. he hasn't over taken mitt romney yet. appear the surge comes despite sandal charges made by his second -- scandalous charges made by his second wife. >> reporter: mitt romney isthe front-runner heading into tomorrow's primary some are calling his lead fragile. newt gingrich has a strong showing in the polls despite scandalous accusations by ex-wife. yesterday she told abc news that newt asked her for an open marriage. the moderator made that the topic of his first question and gingrich swatted it away, calling the media destructive and vicious.
5:49 am
mitt romney agreed and asked that they go on to the -- get on to the real issues. >> the american people created 11 -- [ unintelligible ] i think grad thoughts this is a grandiose country. >> some of us live -- live in the real streets of america working in the private sector, led a business, started a business, helped lead the olympics, helped lead a state. we need someone outside of washington go to washington. >> reporter: an audience member asked if they were would release their tax returns. newt gingrich already has. mitt romney who takes a lot of heat for earning millions says he will release his returns, if he is the nominee. ron paul laughed and said he probably would not because he's embarrassed his income is smaller than that of his opponents. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:49. this afternoon san francisco mayor lee will raise a 49ers
5:50 am
flag over city hall to honor the team ahead of sunday's game against the giants. the recreation and park department says the field will be ready despite the rain forever casted. uc workers painted the nfc logo, lines and end zones wednesday and covered the field with tarp in anticipation of the storms. they will be taken off sunday. the nfc championship game starts 3:30. workers paid attention to mike's forecast. >> that was good timing on their part. >> some of that rain could come after kickoff, right? >> i think the rain will move in probably while people are tailgating through the game and taper towards the end of the game. definitely going to be wet during the game. right now it is wet, some of the scattered light rain we talked about yesterday is still out there. you can see it falling right now on our roof cam as we look southeast across the embarcadero. steadier rain about to move
5:51 am
into the north bay back half of the commute is going to get progressively wetter as steadier rain moves in. steady rain with the first wave will peak around lunch to 1:00 then heavier second push around the evening rush hour. amounts impressive in the north bay an inch -- s in mill valley tapered quickly to a 10th in concord. redwood city just a trace. mild this morning, low to mid 50s bay shore to the coast mid to upper 40s north bay and east bay mid to upper 40s gilroy and santa cruz low 50s watsonville, salinas and monterey temperatures won't change much because of the clouds. combo punch or one-two with the next system as it moves in. last storm arrives sunday. then drier and warmer for next week. not bad today 60 palo alto,
5:52 am
san jose, livermore rest of us mid to upper 50s monterey bay it looks like temperatures will hang around the low 60s a lot of rain during the afternoon into the evening hours. tonight it becomes more showery in nature temperatures holding in the 40s 50 half moon bay clear lake 39 the exception. one system fell apart, pulled away the next system look at all this moisture up to sale, down to l.a., the warm front comes with the first rain, cold front comes with the rain this evening next system doesn't look as impressive as the one we are dealing with today. here's how we will deal with it, rain becomes more widespread by lunch hour peaking around 6:00, 7:00, with the cold front even hanging around until 9:00 then showers develop overnight we get a break tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning. but, by sunday afternoon, the
5:53 am
rain starts to move in and then it takes over at 3:00, some of the heaviest rain falling on candlestick. rainfall amounts half an inch to an inch in the south bay 3/4 to an inch and a half around the bay one to two inches north bay. look at the low to mid 60s and all the sunshine next week. hope you have a great weekend. good morning. slick roads hazardous driving conditions, flooding in low-lying areas mass transit a great way to get around. everybody is on time. reminder for the big game sunday the 9ers and new york game, muni running a special service sunday to the stick. currently no other delays. you might want to check with muni to find the schedule for sunday's game. suharto go, southbound 9 still have that accident blocking lanes at sanborn slow your drive from saratoga towards
5:54 am
los gatos. protest downtown san francisco, police asking that you please an -- avoid the center of the financial district specifically the intersection of montgomery and california that protest could get underway a little after 6:00 this morning. please avoid that downtown area, if you can. let's look at the macarthur maze, 80, 580, 880 into the toll flowing smoothly, no metering lights everything is smooth sailing on the upper deck into the city. 5:54. >> let's talk a little business. tense times for employees at american airlines. new bragging rights for general motors. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning general motors snatching the crown back from toyota the automaker sold more than nine million vehicles last year regaining the top spot. carnival corporation reversing
5:55 am
course and suspending broadcast, digital and direct mail marketing following last week's cruise line accident off the coast of italy. carnival ran more than 10,000 tv ads last year. the 49ers returning to the championship game for the first time in over a decade has football ticket prices soaring. some tickets for the match-up with the giants going for at least double face value at the new york staining i'm jane king. republican law -- at the new york . >> a republican lawmaker -- governor revoted a bill last session that would have allowed local governments to take over the operation of state park set to close because of budget cuts. spokesperson for governor calls the override attempt empty posturing by republicans who should have allowed voters to resolve the budget mess. spokesperson points out the governor did seen a bill allowing private donations to be used. crabbers off the northern california coast getting a
5:56 am
higher price for their catch that means crab lovers will pay more for fresh dungeness. the season was delayed for six weeks after crab tests were showing too little meat. more could be coming with storms expected through the weekend. right now pacific choice seafood says it is paying fishermen $3 a pound up 50 cents from last month. the distributor says the cooked crab market will require the highest sales price in history for retailers to make money. what started as a nuisance has turned into a top tourist attraction in san francisco. you know what we are talking about. they went from hating to loving the sea lions. to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of their arrival, marine biologists will be offering 30 minute tours. the free tours will be offered 4:00. biologists still aren't sure why the sea lions came here. we are not asking questions we
5:57 am
are appreciating them. >> you keep coming back now, you hear. just ahead, tales of sex and corruption as retold by puppets. >> the very serious court case being turned into child's play by a news station. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in downtown san francisco. the occupy movement is promising massive protests throughout the city today. a planned cook-out this morning may have been cancelled because of rain. the latest coming up in a live
5:58 am
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